DIY Storage Solutions For Your Garage

Garages are more than just spaces to store your car. They’re an untapped part of your home that can be organized and arranged to maximize the amount of space and usage you get from your garage. Rather than just throwing run down boxes full of old knick-knacks and Christmas directions tap into everything your garage can do for you. Over time you begin to accumulate odds and ends, some necessary, some not so necessary, and while it may feel like you need to pitch it all to regain some order and balance in your garage, tossing your things may not be necessary. They just need a place of their own to be stored. So where do you start with your garage storage ideas?

DIY Storage Solutions For Your Garage

Step 1: Divide and Conquer

Separate your things into three categories: keep, donate, and trash. There’s no reason to keep around anything you don’t need. Give away the things that are in good condition, but serve little to no purpose in your day-to-day life. Chuck anything that can’t be used and keep the things you know you’ll use and need.

Step 2: Assign and Arrange Your Space

Bicycles, old Halloween decorations, the outdated clothes you don’t know what to do with…where does all of that stuff go? Garages offer more than floor space so you can get creative for storage placements. Ceilings and walls make great places for storage space. The ceiling can hold ladders, bins, bicycles, and luggage via hook and ceiling storage structures. Built in wall shelves allow plenty of space for boxes, bags, paint cans, spray bottles, buckets, etc. You can also keep smaller items in drawers or boxes with identification labels.

3: Create Your Space

If you have a hobby like gardening, sports, or carpentry consider creating a workshop or hobby space for each of your hobbies and sports. You’ll know exactly where your things are and you’ll be more prone to use them.

4: Recycling Space

If your eco minded consider stacking your recycling bins in the garage. You free up space in your kitchen and your garage area and you get to help the planet a little.

DIY garage storage doesn’t have to be tricky. With time, planning, and a little work you can have a fully functional garage space perfectly tailored to your needs and wants. Just think, no more digging, sorting, or frustration when you try to find your things. Your organized garage systems will put you on the track for easy breezy garage access!

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